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Amaze with food – Its finally easy to make healthy and amazing lunch boxes that will stay fresh and neat the entire day.

You don’t have to settle for a sandwich and a bag of chips when you have a lunch box with many compartments to fill and its now easier than ever to make them look exciting with our range of eating accessories.

Let your kid help by selecting their healthy food options, let them decorate and cut their food with our range of eating accessories and let their own imagination set the limits. It's amazing what kids will eat when its something they created themselves or when they know there is always a new creation waiting for them when they open their lunch box.

Now you can add nut butters, hummus, yoghurt, sauces and soups, and it will always look pretty when they open their lunchbox. Its also easy for them to close the lid to continue to eat a bit later and their food will stay where it was and don’t make a mess in their bags.

Look through our images, get inspired and start your kids journey to a more varied and healthier lunch!

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Its easy to

Be creative with us

Let your kids help create

They might surprise you

Dont be scared to

Try something new

To add a variety of food

Is now so easy

6 leakproof compartments

The options are endless

Easy to close and

Continue to eat later

With us its easy

To make healthy food fun

No more

Mess in the schoolbag

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